• Bringing A New Dawn To Maternity Care
    Bringing A New Dawn To Maternity Care
    The Morning Center
    Morning Center - Ministry to the whole family
    Morning Center - Ministry to the whole family
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  • ‘The Give’ competition

    Click here to bring hope to pregnant women in need. Vote every day until Oct. 31st for the Morning Center to win a $50,000 gift to bring free prenatal care  to inner city Memphis!
    Pray. Vote. Share. Believe.

    How does it work?

    The Morning Center project has been selected to compete in a charitable-causes competition with cash prizes for the top six causes. ‘The Give’ competition, hosted by Cultivate Wines, has committed to giving away $100,000 quarterly to qualifying charities. Whichever charity has the most amount of cumulative votes (supporters can vote up to once per day) by the end of the competition (October 31) will receive a $50,000 grant. 2nd place through 6th place charities will receive a $10,000 grant each.

    There are 6 easy steps to voting for the Morning Center cause on The Give and sharing with friends on Facebook. You can also find shareable pro-life posters on the Morning Center Facebook page to make it easy to encourage your friends to vote.:

    The Morning Center is in a charitable-causes competition through October 31 to win $50,000 for their first mobile care unit. Vote every day for their cause:

    Step 1: Click the link.
    (Must be 21 years old to vote. Voting won’t work on most smartphones, or in Facebook apps…you’ll need a tablet/PC/laptop and an up-to-date browser)

    Step 2: Click the blue, “LOGIN TO VOTE” button.

    Step 3: Log in with blue Facebook “Log in” button

    Step 4: click blue “VOTE FOR THIS” button to vote

    Step 5: You should see a charcoal background “Thank you” page. From here, if you want to check the vote counts click “Voting and Videos.”

    Step 6: Repeat daily. Signup for daily email reminders.

    Vote. Share. Pray. Believe.

    Meet our supporters and see where they are voting from…

     Share with us who you are and where you are voting from!


    Are you asking yourself, “is this legit?” Or perhaps, “sounds great, but I would need to know more“? Check out the FAQ.