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Meet Our New Board Members!

The Morning Center is blessed to be overseen by a board of directors. This board is full of wise and godly men, who bring experience of all varieties to the table as they help give counsel and make decisions regarding Morning Center’s finances, direction, goals, and accomplishments.

Within the last few months we have added three new members to our board, and we would like to introduce them to you today. They are wise men who bring much of import and value to our team, and we are so thankful they have joined us as we strive to show the love of Christ to women and babies in Memphis.

We would like to welcome Dr. George Grant. Dr. Grant is an evangelical writer and PCA pastor. He is the founder of King’s Meadow Study Center and Franklin Classical School in Franklin, Tennessee. He has written over 60 books including “Bringing in the Sheaves: Replacing Government Welfare with Biblical Charity” and “Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood”. He serves as the pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin. We are thankful for Dr. Grant’s pastoral and passionately prolife perspective.


We would also like to welcome Colonel John Eidsmoe. Col. Eidsmoe is an attorney and professor of constitutional law and other related subjects. He has previously taught at the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, Faulkner University, Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy, and others. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a Lt. Colonel and is an Alabama State Defense Force Colonel, Headquarters Judge Advocate, Deputy Chaplain, and Training Officer. Eidsmoe is currently the Senior Counsel and Resident Scholar at the Foundation for Moral Law in Montgomery, Alabama. Col. Eisdmoe has already attended one of our board meetings and asked insightful questions and provided helpful legal perspective.


Finally, we would like to welcome Eric Ludy. Mr. Ludy is a bestselling author, internationally recognized speaker, and president of Ellerslie Mission Society. Eric is the author of over a dozen books, including “When God Writes Your Love Story” and “The Bravehearted Gospel”. Mr. Ludy has coauthored many of his books with his wife Leslie, and they have six children. Ludy’s books and teachings are used in Christian training curriculums by pro-life organizations such as CareNet and Compassion International. We are thankful for Eric’s intelligent insights and godly wisdom.


Please join us in prayer thanking God for adding these men to our board, and pray that they will continue to help us serve the Kingdom.

For True Charity,

The Morning Center Team

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Morning Center Needs Maternity Clothes!

Dear friend,

The Morning Center needs your help! If you have maternity clothes you are no longer in need of, or have a family member or friend who has some, we at the Morning Center have a great need for some for our patients. If you’ve been pregnant and needed to buy maternity clothes yourself, you know how expensive they can be. Our patients usually don’t have the means to buy an entirely new wardrobe during their pregnancy, and this is a way we would love to be able to bless some of the especially needy among our patients.

If you have maternity clothes sitting in your closet that are in good condition and would be willing to donate them to pregnant women in need, please send them to:

Memphis Morning Center
Attention: Vickie, Maternity Clothes
3638 Macon Rd
Memphis, TN 38122

Thank you for your generosity and support for the Morning Center and our mission to bring the love of Christ to our patients and their families.

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Planned Parenthood Targets Community Where Morning Center Serves!

This week we have heard reports that Planned Parenthood is making a concerted effort to make their presence known at Warren Apartments where Morning Center serves in the Memphis inner city. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as historically  Planned Parenthood has always targeted poor, urban, inner city communities. They practice eugenics proudly, which is utterly shameful.

We found out through these reports that Planned Parenthood has been coming to Warren Apartments and passing out condoms to the residents. They are doing this in the name of “providing health care”. But nothing could be further from the truth. Planned Parenthood only cares about their own bottom line, and trampling on innocent children to do so.

Morning Center could not be more different than Planned Parenthood. We serve anyone who comes through our door, irrespective of their ability to pay for the services we provide for them; in fact, we never even bring it up. We don’t pass out birth control and say “Hope it works, if it doesn’t, you can come to us to “fix the problem”.” We strive to serve women and their babies in all walks of life in a loving and Christ-like manner.

Morning Center ultrasound tech Tracy got to hang out with little Aiden while his mamma got a postpartum check up.

Please pray that our patients will resist the lies that Planned Parenthood perpetuates. Pray that we will be bold in our stand for innocent life and true charity. Pray that God would open the eyes of Planned Parenthood employees so they can see the error of their way, repent and embrace the promises of the Gospel.

Can I get an “Amen!”?

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Planned Parenthood Targeting Morning Center Patients!

As many of our supporters and friends know, Morning Center provides a prenatal clinic at Warren Apartments in Memphis. Warren Apartments is a particularly stark picture of the horrible conditions inner city Americans are living in. Great poverty and suffering, mixed with sin and a lack of the Gospel, which has the power to transform lives!

Morning Center has been working hard to serve the people in this community, and partnering with others to do so. We’ve started a community garden, are helping to lead Bible studies for women and men, helping serve the entire community physically and financially when a fire destroyed and damaged many of their homes, and of course providing our free prenatal clinic, providing quality care to moms and their babies who would otherwise often have no prenatal care. We are striving to show the love of Jesus to this community, and we have seen God work in amazing ways!

Planned Parenthood has been in the news lately, as you know. We’ve written before about how the Morning Center is the antithesis of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood seeks to murder innocent babies and exploit their parents for the sake of lining their own pockets. Morning Center seeks to serve parents and their babies selflessly, at no personal benefit to themselves.

Planned Parenthood has begun to target Warren Apartments. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as historically  Planned Parenthood has always target poor, urban, inner city communities. They practice eugenics proudly, which is utterly shameful.

Planned Parenthood has been coming to Warren Apartments and passing out condoms to the residents. They are doing this in the name of caring and providing care. But nothing could be further from the truth. Planned Parenthood only cares about their own bottom line, and trampling on innocent children to do so.

Morning Center wants to provide a more well rounded approach. We serve anyone who comes through our door, whether married or not, but we also strive to bring the Gospel into their lives and encourage Biblical principles when it comes to sex, marriage, and children. We don’t just pass out birth control and say “Hope it works, if it doesn’t, you can come to us to “fix the problem”.” We strive to serve women and their babies in all walks of life in a loving and Christ-like manner.

Want to do more to fight Planned Parenthood than share a video on Facebook? Consider supporting Morning Center. If just 26 individuals or churches committed to give $20 a month for a year, that would completely underwrite the prenatal care and delivery for one of our mamas and babies. What a testimony of how the body of Christ can love the least of these and help them, rather than exploit them, or turn their back on them! Will you join with us today?

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Personhood USA does a feature on Morning Center!

Personhood USA is a large national organization that focuses on recognizing the rights of human beings both in and out of the womb, from a cultural perspective and a legal one. They are a wonderful pro-life organization and have accomplished great things on a small scale and a large one.

Recently they did an email feature on the Morning Center, sent out to their entire list. Below is the text from that email. We are so thankful that they value the work Morning Center is doing, enough to share it far and wide with pro-life individuals!

Well, if there was ever a time to call Planned Parenthood “doctors” accountable for violating the Hippocratic Oath, this is it. 
Considering that we all know Planned Parenthood’s grisly business of murdering children, the knowledge that they also sort, label, and sell body parts should come as no surprise.
Like many of you, I have spent many hours standing outside of Planned Parenthood clinics, offering information, help, adoption, prayers, desperation, and pleas for women to change their minds. Time and time again, I’ve met people who honestly don’t know that Planned Parenthood provides abortions, or people who think that Planned Parenthood is their ONLY option for testing and health services…it’s not. Have you heard of The Morning Center?  If you haven’t, you should…even more importantly, the people entering Planned Parenthood need to know that there is REAL help available! 

I learned about The Morning Center from the director, Les Riley, who was the founder of Personhood Mississippi and sponsor of Mississippi’s Personhood Amendment!

The Morning Center is the antithesis of and answer to Planned Parenthood in every conceivable way. The Morning Center provides free full-service prenatal and maternity care to women in urban and underserved areas. The Morning Center seeks to bring a new day in maternity care and lavish the love of Jesus Christ on women and unborn children who desperately need it. The Morning Center is not just a Crisis Pregnancy Center, or Pregnancy Resource Center. They are a fully operational medical center, caring for the real, physical needs of mom and baby through every step of pregnancy, labor & delivery, and post-partum care. 

While Planned Parenthood charges women for abortions, Morning Center provides full-service prenatal care free of charge in Jesus’ name. 

While Planned Parenthood targets minorities, Morning Center’s door is open to all women, regardless of ethnicity, location, or status 
While Planned Parenthood is a place to end pregnancy, Morning Center provides labor and delivery care, and post-partum care, entirely free of charge. 
While Planned Parenthood takes from women, Morning Center gives love, hope, and support without any charge, and in Jesus’ name.  
While Planned Parenthood seeks and accepts government funding, Morning Center does not accept government funding and exists solely on private, charitable donations. 
Just think of the many women who enter a clinic, not expecting the high pressure sales tactics employed by Planned Parenthood’s employees?  Imagine a woman entering the clinic for a free pregnancy test, and leaving behind a dead baby with body parts for sale. 
On the other hand, Morning Center patients are given a chance to bond with their baby while receiving high quality of maternity care in Jesus’ name. As an example, let me introduce you to a current Morning patient. 
This is Maneca. She has 4 kids and is now 20 weeks pregnant.

She lives in an inner city apartment complex and does not have any transportation. She had seen the Morning Center’s Mobile Clinic providing maternity care to other women in her apartment complex, but it wasn’t until her apartment building burned and she lost her home and all of her material possessions that she knew the full extent of the love and care of Morning Center. As Morning Center staff reached out to her with love and essential items for living, she decided to seek maternity care at Morning Center. 
That is why we NEED to support places like The Morning Center. The Morning Center is unique, and the work that they do is amazing – it’s God’s work. And it is the BEST alternative to Planned Parenthood that you could hope to find. 

Thank you for your kind words and support, Personhood USA! We support you and your mission and are thankful you do the same for us.

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Week in videos: Mourning and Celebration

This week we have seen yet another video released by the Center for Medical Progress documenting the sad realities of abortion. This is a stark reminder of why Morning Center exists: to give struggling mothers a better option than one that ends with the loss of life.

…but we have also seen another video that offers a glimpse into the life a family that loves life and especially celebrating new life in a unique way. Have a watch, enjoy a laugh, and be encouraged!

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Reflections From One Of Our Supporters

Recently a longtime friend and supporter of the Morning Center had a chance to visit our clinic locations in Memphis and observe as we served our patients there. She wrote some beautiful thoughts on her experience, and we’d like to share them with you.

“Every so often I get to go to Memphis and work with The Morning Center, a ministry that offers free care to struggling moms and their babies. It’s been amazing to see the ways they’ve helped people through the years, and to see how the ministry has grown since its beginning. Those involved truly care about helping the less fortunate, and to see them pour their hearts into helping others is nothing short of inspiring and convicting.

This last trip was different than previous ones. This time, we got to visit several clinics, and go to the projects where one of the clinics is located. We had been warned about how dangerous these apartment buildings are. There are fires and shootings and prostitutes and…the list goes on. I was even told not to walk around with my camera. It’s a run down, dust covered place where women in pajamas carry children around and tattoo-covered men walk in and out of apartments.

In the midst of this sad and defeated looking place, there’s a red door with a welcome sign on it. This door is left unlocked. It’s a place where anyone is welcome – for a meal, for encouragement, for help, or to get out of the heat. While we were inside eating lunch after touring the place, there were a few kids and women who just walked in, knowing they were welcome. I thought it was such a beautiful representation of what our homes as Christians should look like.

Going to Memphis was a reminder that we HAVE to get out of our small worlds. There are so many people who need the Lord. We are tempted to think that ministering is someone else’s job – someone who has the time. No. It’s our job. We are supposed to be the hands and feet of Jesus. If we don’t help these people, who will?

I don’t realize how self absorbed I am until I go there and see people who don’t even have food or a way to get to the grocery store. I worry about things like running out of hairspray or decorating a room or making sure someone still likes me, and they’re worried about being mistreated and feeding their kids. Talk about putting things into perspective. We too often turn our minor problems into ordeals, because we are focused on ourselves instead of God and others.

Their physical needs were blindingly evident, but their need for the Lord even more so. A lot of them have never even heard about Jesus. They don’t know that there is eternal hope. They don’t know that they are valuable in God’s eyes. They’re ashamed and embarrassed to be in the situation they’re in, and they don’t see a way out. It’s heart breaking.

Going to Memphis was also a reminder that you don’t have to have a passport and travel across an ocean to minister to people. You may not even need to go two hours away to another town. If there are lost people in Haiti and Memphis, there are lost people in our own cities. I’ve noticed that a lot of people in my circles put a huge emphasis on ministering to people inside the church. This is wonderful. It as absolutely important and necessary to minister to the body. But, I also notice that sometimes we are so busy focusing on our relationships with fellow believers, that we neglect ministering to those who don’t know Christ. I’m grateful for going to the projects (which someone described as resembling a third world country) and being reminded that outside of my wonderful church and community, there are people who need the gospel just as much as I do.

Learning to practically carry out the commission to minister and spread the gospel is hard, and not a commission I feel prepared or adequate for. But, we can’t just sit idle. WE are the church. WE are the hands and feet of the Lord.”

Amen! We couldn’t agree more. We are so blessed by the opportunities we have been blessed with to continue serving where it’s needed the most.


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Planned Parenthood Sorts Through Dead Bodies

This is the logical conclusion of the world seeking to profit from harming women and their babies, rather than serving them.





“For 6 months, O’Donnell’s job was to identify pregnant women at Planned Parenthood who met criteria for fetal tissue orders and to harvest the fetal body parts after their abortions. O’Donnell describes the financial benefit Planned Parenthood received from StemExpress: “For whatever we could procure, they would get a certain percentage. The main nurse was always trying to make sure we got our specimens. No one else really cared, but the main nurse did because she knew that Planned Parenthood was getting compensated.””

Watch the video and read more HERE

It is truly heartbreaking that the pro-abortion crowd seeks to add insult to injury by profiting from the babies they kill. This is why the Morning Center exists, to provide compassionate, Gospel-centered maternity care and shine as a light in the darkness. We want to provide hope to every woman and child that crosses our threshold, not use them as a means for lining our own pockets.


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A Big Thank You From The Warren Fire Victims!

Dear friend,

You may have recently heard about the fire that occurred at one of the communities where we offer a clinic in Memphis, Warren Apartments.

We alerted our supporters to the immediate needs of the residents within, including our patients, and we were blown away by the amount of support we immediately received! People care about those who have been injured or lost their homes and possessions, and desire to show them Christ’s love in tangible ways.

To date, we have raised over $3,000 in our Help Warren Community Fund.

One of our supporters has approached us and offered to do a dollar for dollar matching grant for this fund, up to $5,000! That means if we raise $5,000 to help Warren Apartments, an additional $5,000 will be given, bringing the total to $10,000! What a blessing.

Will you consider donating to our fund to help those in need today? We are already over halfway to our goal.

Remember, every single dollar that you donate will not only be matched by this generous, anonymous supporter, they will be used specifically to give provision, housing, food, necessities and gospel-centered discipleship to the families affected by the devestating fire.

In addition to monetary gifts, our friends and supporters have sent physical items to those in need. Our volunteers have been busy bringing car loads of items to the apartment complex, to distribute to those who have lost their clothes, furniture, and other belongings.

One of our friends has even made beautiful quilts to be given to the residents of the complex that lost their bedding and linens. What a wonderful way to serve those in need!

Thank you for your support, and encouragement. But most of all, thank you for these prayers for the victimes of the Warren fire. If you haven’t already, will you share the Help Warren Community Fund with your friends and family?


The Morning Center team

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Why the Morning Center?

Because sadly, this is the lurking alternative hundreds of thousands of vulnerable women are drawn into every year.

Support better options for struggling mothers via the Morning Center.


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